GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack Movie in Hindi sub [18+]

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Movie Series Info

Name : Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack


Quality : 720p

Language : Jap (Hindi subtitles)

Size : 500MB

GENRE :-Horror

Plot :

Though her trip to Okinawa was supposed to be a lovely excursion to the seaside, college student Kaori Sawahara finds that it is anything but when a horrifying menace emerges from the watery depths. A strange mechanism has taken control of the sea creatures, granting them legs and sending them on land to attack anything in their way. Kaori and her friends—the lustful Erika and the reserved Aki—find themselves caught up in this onslaught, made worse by the creatures’ rotting stench of death.

Surviving the first assault, Kaori tries to contact her fiancé Tadashi in Tokyo. However, the call is cut short in what sounds like another fish attack. Fearing for his safety, Kaori leaves for Tokyo. With Erika and Aki contending with the attacks in Okinawa, Kaori rushes to find Tadashi, unaware that the crisis has only just begun…….[Myanimelist]

Subbed by : KILLUA, LOGAN

Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack Movie In Hindi Subbed



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